The Wessex Series – an Audax UK ‘Super Randonneur Series’ of long distance cycling events/routes: over 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km.

The Wessex Series

The Coastlet leads up to the Coast and the Dorset Coast is the first in the ‘Wessex Series’ – an Audax UK ‘Super Randonneur Series’ of long distance cycling events/routes over 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km events.

The Wessex Series is:

  • 200km: The Dorset Coast Calendar event and Audax UK ‘permanent event’ Dorset Coast Perm (a slightly different route that can be ridden at any time)
  • 300km: The Hardboiled Calendar event (it’s egg shaped, and hard at the end) and is traditionally THE DAY BEFORE THE DORSET COAST! Every year there are a few hardy riders who do both, the idea of running them together was that it makes travelling down to Dorset worthwhile for long distance cyclists from around the country. If you don’t fancy riding them back to back, it’s also available as an Audax UK permanent ride, or ‘perm’ here,
    Peter Loakes ‘3D300’ which isn’t run every year, but will be on Saturday 8th June 2019 is another true Wessex event: a 300km hilly ride starting in West Stafford near Dorchester, heading West through Axminster and on into Mid Devon, down to the sea for an ice cream, and then back through Lyme Regis. To enter, click here.
  • 400km: The Porkers (it has been called a pig of a ride, but only in jest: it is thought by many to be the most challenging of the Wessex series, and is certainly one of the most and rewarding 400km events in the audax calendar. Sunday 5th May 2019, to enter click here.
    Also available as a ‘perm’ that can be ridden anytime: here
  • 600km: The Brimstone (named after the butterfly sometimes seen on the ride, and known for being often found alone, and far from a food source). This year it is being run on Saturday and Sunday 25th and 26th May, to enter, click here.  For the perm version, which is known as the Hellfire click here

and it is famous in long distance cycling circles for being one of the hardest and most rewarding SR series in the calendar. 

The architect of the series is Shawn Shaw in Poole, who established it in 1994 as a definitive test of rider and machine – and perfect preparation for Paris-Brest-Paris (every rider who has qualified for PBP with a Wessex Series has completed the event!) the
‘roll d’honneur’ of riders who have completed a Wessex series is here. Over the years the rides have been carefully crafted and changed to maintain the ethos of the routes, while introducing variety, new climbs, and new views. Further details are here.


The Dorset Coast is a 200km ride, organised under the rules of Audax UK – the UK’s long distance cycling association... more


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The Coastlet leads up to the Coast and the Dorset Coast is the first in the ‘Wessex Series’ – an Audax UK ‘Super Randonneur Series’... more